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SuperCloset LED SuperRoom 2x4 Grow Room Package

Product Description - SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Grow Room SuperCloset’s all-in-one, turn-key, hydroponic LED grow room tent package makes indoor gardening simple and fun! The SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Grow Room Package is a professionally designed, fully automated LED grow room package that comes complete with everything you need for a smooth and easy growing experience. Grow like a professional! The SuperRoom 2′ x 4′ LED Grow Room Package includes a 2′ x 4′ Gorilla Grow Tent; a Kind LED K3-L600 grow light; a SuperPonics 16 hydroponic grow system; timers for complete automation; a Growers House carbon filter; digital readout thermometer / hygrometer; an internal circulation fan; an adjustable net trellis system; an electrical GFCI adapter; a pH Testing Kit; a TDS Meter; a TechnaFlora Nutrient Bundle; an instructional DVD and a 3 year warranty! Included Components: Gorilla Grow Tent 2′ x 4′ x 6’11″ (7’11″ w/ extension) The very best and tallest, thickest, and strongest grow tent available. This is the only height adjusting grow tent available worldwide. GROW STRONG! SuperPonics 16 Hydroponic Grow System The SuperPonics 16 combines automated top feed and Deep Water Culture, assuring you the best, easiest, fastest, and safest grows over any other method. SuperPonics is the fusion of multiple proven hydroponic methods into a single system, creating unparalleled yields in quality and total. These systems are incredibly easy to use and are fully automated. SuperPonic systems grow up to 2-5X faster and bigger than any single traditional hydroponic method. SuperPonic systems are also safer due to the fact that if one of the methods goes out for any reason (air pump or water pump) your plants will still survive and thrive. A K3-L600 Kind LED Grow Light This Kind LED grow light uses only about half the electricity as an HPS light and produces much more yield per watt. Many studies have even show an increase in oil production and quality, closer inter-nod

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