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Mammoth Gavita Double Ended 1000W Grow Room Package - G2

The only tent made for Gavita DE! Now run TWO Gavita DE 1000W fixtures in a tent with a matching footprint at 5.91 ft x 7.22 ft x 7.88 ft. Rugged exterior, Heavy duty 22mm steel frame, 2 front doors, 2 side doors, 3 side windows, 95% reflective mylar...

Only $1,590.58

Outdoor Nature Cameras: BirdCam Mounting Arm

The BirdCam mounting arm gives you more options for setting up your BirdCam. Easily attaches to your bird feeder pole at multiple angles to provide a variety of unique and interesting shots. Requires no tools for set up and has a unique elbow joint to...

Only $29.95

Honey Bee Pollen & Trim Tray Kit

Honey Bee Pollen Collecting a simple Lap Top Trimming Tray for Garden trimming to catch essential oils and pollen from plant flowers.

Only $44.13

GroSave Energy Controller 1001 Common Commercial Unit

Grosave controllers recycle the power that electric motors and instruments create to help reduce your power bill by up to 18% or your money back.

Only $1,099.00

Ecoplus (Hydro Flow) Barbed Connectors - 1 inch Elbow (10 Pack)

1" barbed elbow connectors for connecting poly and vinyl tubing for irrigation in your garden, greenhouse, and hydroponic system. Sold in packs of 10 units of 1 inch elbows.

Only $10.40

Delphastus Pusillus Mail-Back, pack of 5

Biological Control for Greenhouse, Silverleaf & Avocado Whiteflies. Delphastus Pusillus is small black beetle that preys on whitefly eggs and larvae but not adult whiteflies. They will also consume spider mites in the absence of whitefly. One Delphastus...

Only $163.34

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