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Trumpet Flower Metal Garden Stake

Hand-Painted, Everblooming Metal Flower Garden Stake Dangling flower livens up a flower border, garden or large planter Oversized bloom is 7" across! Choice of colors Sized to make an impact, this delightfully detailed trumpet flower dangles on a...

Only $39.95

Cucumber Tree Magnolia

The Magnolia, Cucumber tree, Magnolia acuminata, is a little known tree that has considerable landscape merit!It has a very regular, pyramidal form with a strong central leader as a young tree, and then becomes rounded with age.  Unlike most magnolias,...

Only $0.00

Sargent Cherry Tree

The Cherry, Sargent, Prunus sargentii, is not only the hardiest of the ornamental cherry trees, but also one of the largest and most beautiful.The tree's abundant spring flowers are deep pink and appear a week or so before most double-flowering cherries....

Only $0.00

Black Gum Trees

The Blackgum tree, Nyssa sylvatica, is also known as the Black Tupelo or Sourgum.   The Blackgum tree is considered one of our most beautiful native trees.  It is thought of as one of the five best shade trees in America!The Black tupelo...

Only $0.00

Sumner Pecan Tree

Big Tree Means Big Harvests!Sumner Pecan tree (Carya illinoinensis 'Sumner') is one of the best trees for homegrown pecans on the market. Do you want ton of nuts, easy care and great taste? Of course you do! Sumner will give you that every year.Sumner...

Only $93.71

Desirable Pecan Tree

Most Widely Planted Pecan Tree in AmericaThe Desirable Pecan Tree is…well…desirable for so many reasons. All the rage in pecan orchards and commercial grower’s fields since the 1960’s, there’s a good chance that the pecans...

Only $79.95

Dripper Stake 45° Degree

This angled dripper stake fits 1/4 tubing and has a 45° angle to reduce sharp bending of the tubing, which causes clogging. It delivers a light emission of water for regular top drip irrigation.

Only $0.55

White Plant Stake Labels - Count 100

Use these white stake labels 4” x 5/8” to label your seeds or plants. Bundled in groups of 100.

Only $4.49

Drake Chinese Elm Tree

Perfect Shade Tree for Everyone! In our business, there are some plants and trees you look at and just wonder why they aren’t used more often. Drake Elm Tree (Ulmus parvifolia 'Drake') is one of those trees. This is an excellent, but surprisingly...

Only $0.00

Dunstan Chestnut Trees

Native Tree is Blight Resistant with HUGE CropsChestnut trees are true American classics. In the early 1900’s chestnut trees were the most important species of tree for food and timber in the Eastern hardwood forests. In 1904 a bark fungus was introduced...

Only $0.00

Purple Robe Locust Tree

Super-Fast Growing Tree with Show Stopping Spring Flowers If you are looking for a tree to grow in that spot in your yard where absolutely nothing else will grow, then Purple Robe Locust, Robinia pseudoacacia 'Purple Robe', is the tree for you. A prime...

Only $79.95

Solar Hummingbird Basket Stake

Crystal hummingbirds hover above a basket full of foliage, while at night, hidden solar lights infuse these lovely ornaments with a gentle glow. Freestanding stake base inserts into soil for easy placement. Materials: Iron, Plastic Dimensions: 8.25" x...

Only $29.95

Shinseiki Pear Tree

An early harvest of delicious Asian Pears on a hardy tree.Nothing beats a crisp easy-to-eat pear straight from the tree during the dog-days of summer. Shinseiki Asian Pear Tree is a beautiful tree that covers itself in loads of round, yellow-skinned pears....

Only $74.95

Japanese Red Maple

The Japanese Red Maple tree, Acer Palmatum Autropurpeum, is by far, one of the most popular ornamental plants in the plant kingdom!This small deciduous tree is a very showy, versatile species. Japanese Red Maple trees are used as a single specimen or...

Only $0.00

Orient Pear Tree

Amazing Spring Flowers & Huge FruitThe Pear, Orient, Pyrus communis, is good for cooking as well as having great landscape value as a flowering spring tree. The trees grow huge, as do the fruits. The Orient pear ripens in August, having the reputation...

Only $0.00

Flower Petal Windmill Garden Stake

Flower Petal Windmill Garden Stake Zingz & Thingz 57070082 When the wind blows, you'll be transfixed by the delightful motion of this rustic metal windmill. Each side spins opposite to the other, so stake it into the ground where ever you'd like a dash...

Only $99.95

Serbian Spruce Tree

The Serbian Spruce tree, Picea omorika, forms a narrow, pyramidal silhouette with graceful arching branches and a slender straight trunk.The upper surface of the needles is glossy and dark green in contrast to the whitish lower surface.  Because...

Only $14.95

Lemon and Lime Tree 2n1

A space-saver’s dream! What is better than being able to pick fresh citrus from your own lemon or lime tree? Being able to pick fresh fruit from both! This new idea is the best of both worlds. It’s a Lemon tree AND a Lime tree growing together...

Only $99.75

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