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Grow Light: Jump Start 4ft Fluorescent Light Stand

This garden light stand is great for growing seedlings, cuttings, flowers and houseplants. This perfect one touch height adjustable system includes a 4 ft long fixture with a cooler operating T5 full daylight spectrum bulb. These bulbs are 2 times more...

Only $59.95

Rain Saver: Rain Spout Diverter Unit

Collecting and using rain water makes environmental sense and economical cents. Not only do you save on your water bill the whole year through, you also save your garden plants and soil the trauma of chlorine and other unnatural chemicals. The Garden...

Only $29.95

Clean Up: Lawn Bag- Landscape 202 gal.

This large Garden Lawn Bag is a great tool for yard cleanup. The Lawn Bag has durable carrying handles allowing for easy movement around your yard. Measures: 3?? x 3?? x 3?? (27 cubic feet / 202 gallons). The Garden Lawn Bag is constructed of durable...

Only $49.95

Gardening Tools: Hoe- Half Moon 6"

The traditional Dutch Half Moon Hoe is manufactured in Holland. The Dutch Half Moon Hoe is made from high quality carbon steel to give you the best quality in gardening tools. The Dutch Half Moon Hoe is designed for cutting weeds and cultivating just...

Only $59.95

Clean Up: Lawn Bag- Large 37 gal.

5 cubic ft or 37 gallons. This landscape size garden/lawn bag is made of durable woven polypropylene. This Garden Lawn Bag is a great tool for yard cleanup. Durable carrying handles allow for easy movement. Large size for very large jobs. Other uses include...

Only $24.95

Gardening Materials: Perlite Professional Grade 18 Qt Bag

Horticultural Grade Perlite. A natural-safe way to improve your soil. Perlite is a volcanic mineral in granular form. It is expanded by heat. It is completely sterilized. A natural way to loosen soils to allow maximum root development. Helps to improve...

Only $10.50

Wheelbarrows: Loadumper

The loadumper wheelbarrow's unique design makes backyard hauling easy. No lifting is required to haul, and it has an easy dumping application that lets you put your load where you want it. Made with a heavy duty, non-corrosive, 8 cu ft polyethylene tub....

Only $224.95

Gardening Tools: Plant Marker- Miniature 5 .375 in Tall x .875 in x 2.5 in 25


Only $13.95

Gardening Tools: Rose Marker 25 pk 12 in tall x 1.25 in x 3.5 in

This is a zinc rose marker with an etched surface for easy writing that is ideal for labeling your flowers in the garden. This rose marker is rustproof reusable and provides a permanent solution for identifying your plants.

Only $14.95

Gardening Tools: Hoe- Diamond Head

The Diamond Hoe combines the best of the old and new techniques. It has 4 sharp forged edges and a slanted P Handle for optimal pushing and pulling. Over time the tulip growers of Holland learned that pushing a hoe is much more efficient than pulling....

Only $59.95

Hand Plow: Korean Style

The Korean Hand Plow garden tool has evolved over centuries of use by farmers. You can dig big holes, make planting trenches, weed and cultivate. The swan neck angled blade and comfortable wood handle act as an extension to your arm and wrist. The blade...

Only $17.95

DeWit Dutch Tool

Our Perennial Planter is a garden tool that allows you to put your heart into your work. Most spades are either too big or too small for one gallon plants. This one is just right. It is very sharp and light weight. Best of all you can use it while on...

Only $25.95

Cold Frame: Juwel Cold Frame Opener

The cold frame automatic opener works with the Juwel 1000 Basic Unit and the Juwel 1000 Extension Unit. The cold frame automatic opener has a cylinder filled with a fluid that will expand and contact with changes in temperature. The internal fluid is...

Only $55.00

Kitchen Compost Bin: Compost Bucket- Kitchen Design - 2 1/3 gal.

Our dark green plastic compost kitchen bucket is lightweight and allows you to accumulate kitchen wastes like vegetables, eggshells, coffee grounds, and tea bags (even wet paper towels) for a daily trip to your compost bin. The bucket measures 10 1/2...

Only $9.95

Compost Tool: Compost Aerator Tool Yard Butler Tools

This high quality compost tool has special folding wings that harpoon into the heart of the compost pile, opening when withdrawn. The compost tool allows you to mix compost without the use of a shovel or heavy lifting. It also aerates and circulates...

Only $19.99

Animal Control: Snake Tongs- Aluminum 24 in

The Aluminum Snake Tong is the tool of choice for the safe and humane handling of snakes and reptiles. Broad jaws are designed to give maximum holding pressure with minimal risk of damage to the reptile being handled.

Only $107.40

Animal Control: Cat Grasper- 28 in

The Aluminum Cat Grasper is designed to gently restrain feral cats and other small animals while minimizing discomfort. The anatomical design prevents the handler from restraining the animal with to tight of a grip.

Only $163.30

Animal Control: Animal Control Pole- 28 in

The 28 in Animal Control pole is very useful for handling small animals in confined areas such as stary dogs, cats or wild animals in urban settings.

Only $139.76

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