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Temptation Corn Seed-1lb


Only $24.36

Champion Collards 4oz

Collards are a traditional green with dark blue-green cabbage like leaves. Waxy surface of the plant protects it from cabbage worms. Reaches maturity in 70 days.

Only $4.80

Southern Giant Curl Mustard Seeds-4 oz.

Southern Giant Curled Mustard produces light green leaves that can be mixed into your salad for a mild mustard flavor. For best flavor use leaves from less mature plants grown in cooler weather. Matures in approximately 40 days. High in vitamin A,B, and...

Only $2.40

California Wonder Pepper Seeds .5oz

California Wonder peppers are some of the largest bell peppers you can grow, and have been the standard bell pepper for decades. The crisp, thick flesh has a mild, pleasant flavor. Perfect for salads, stuffing and as a soup ingredient. High in vitamins...

Only $4.10

Contender Bush Bean Seeds-1lb

Contender bush beans are disease resistant and produce 5" long bean pods. Matures in only 55 days and is high in vitamins A,B, and C. Very flavorful and stringless variety. Contender bush beans are a popular choice for canning and freezing.

Only $3.06

Small White Bush Bean-1lb.

Small white bush beans used in soups or baking. Plants reach 16-24" and produce heavy yields. Reaches maturity in 80-90 days. Excellent drying bean.

Only $3.50

Seven Top Turnip Bulk Seeds 1lb.

High quality turnip greens. The Seven Top variety is a standard salad variety. Very flavorful when eaten fresh. High in vitamin A,B, and C. Excellent for freezing as well. Reaches maturity in 45 days.

Only $3.50

Park Shady 8 lb Grass Seed

For shady lawns, Park Shady is hard to beat for value and quality. It gives a consistent appearance when used in lawns for over seeding or establishing new stands. Good green color arrives early in the spring and lasts well into the fall with relatively...

Only $30.00

Georgia Collards 4 oz.

This high calcium southern favorite has tender blue-green leaves that are able to withstand light frost. Mild cabbage-like flavor. 65 days to maturity.

Only $5.95

Burpless #26 Cucumber 700 MG

Cucumber is compact and 9-10" long. Smooth and dark green. 60 days to maturity. Burpless' cucumbers contain low or no cucurbitacin, the compound that causes bitterness and increases one's susceptibility to 'burping' after eating the fruits.

Only $1.69

Grass Seed: Park Sunny Lawn Grass Seed - 8lb

The sunny mix of our most popular blends, Park Sunny has been improved with Liberty Kentucky Bluegrass, but still remains economical. Liberty is a premium Bluegrass, and blended with ryegrasses and Pennlawn Fescue, you can count on good adaptability to...

Only $30.00

Black Beauty Eggplant Bulk Seeds .5 oz

Well adapted to growing almost anywhere, each plant will produce up to 12 eggplants! Be sure to stake early to support the plant as it grows up to 30" high. Fruits are large, glossy and deep purple. Takes 80 days to reach maturity.

Only $2.32

Bix Max Pumpkin Bulk Seed .5oz.

Large well shaped pumpkins can get up to 100 lbs. or more. Fine grained with a bright orange flesh. Great for canning or freezing. Maturity in 110 days.

Only $1.56

Vates Blue Curl Scotch Lake Kale Bulk Seed 4 oz.

A cold hardy cabbage that will reach 18" tall in maturity. The leaves can be mixed into salads or cooked down as greens. 55-70 days to maturity. Grows well in containers.

Only $2.98

Tendergreen Mustard-Spinach Bulk Seed 4 oz.

Early season nutritious vegetable most often served as greens. Can also be consumed raw in a salad. Rich in vitamins and minerals. Leaves are dark green and mild tasting. Approx. 40 days to maturity.

Only $3.58

Grass: Kentucky 31 Fescue 5 lb

Kentucky 31 Tall fescue is a Fescue cultivar (variety) selected for it's improved traits and ease of establishment from seeds in lawns. K31 is used extensively on lawns and turf areas with millions of lbs planted annually.

Only $10.95

Pea Seeds: Laxton Progress No. 9 Garden Peas Bulk Seeds 1lb.

This home garden bush pea is very heavy yielding. Because it only grows 16"-20" high, there is no need to stake this plant. The pods are dark green with 6-9 peas per pod. Takes approximately 61 days to reach maturity.

Only $2.30

Bird Treats: Hot Pepper Delight Suet Pk

Hot Pepper Delight Suet contains rendered beef suet, red chili pepper, roasted peanuts, oats and corn. 11.75oz 2-pack. Delights are mixed into a soft dough texture which is pressed into cake form. C&S's process creates the only true NO MELT suet product...

Only $6.95

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