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Animal Traps: Live Animal Trap- Chipmunk or Rat Collapsible Single Door

With it's small mesh size this collapsible live trap is great for trapping rats and chipmunks. 16in.L x 5in.W x 5in. H

Only $64.34

Animal Control: Fence Tester Single Light

This electric fence tester is an easy and affordable way to test for current running through your electric fence.

Only $3.50

Terrafirma Herb Grow Bag

The Herb Grow Bag is perfect for creating your own herb garden for fresh basil, thyme, parsley and more all season. No additional potting soil is need, just add water and plant! Idea for urban gardeners; no lugging heavy pots and soil up flights of stairs....

Only $4.00

Terrafirma Veggies Grow Bag

The Veggie Grow Bag is perfect for urban gardeners. No lugging heavy pots and soil up flights of stairs. Includes everything you need to plant and grow your own vegetables, flowers, and berries today, just add plants or seeds! No additional potting...

Only $4.00

Terrafirma Tomato Grow Bag

The Tomato Grow Bag includes everything you need to plant and grow your own tomatoes today, just add plants or seeds! No additional potting soil is need. Simply water the coco coir inside the bag and it expands to 4 times its original size. The polybag...

Only $4.00

Compost Bins: Can-O-Worms

Turn your organic kitchen waste into useful, nutrient-rich compost! The Can-O-Worms vermicomposter has a multi-level design that's easy to assemble and easy to use. Dimensions: 29in tall, 19 1/4in diameter. Can hold up to 20,000 worms in three layers....

Only $129.95

Christmas Lights: Super Bright Light Set 100ct clear

This Super Bright Light Set contains 100 green/clear lights - perfect for holiday decorations.

Only $9.95

Christmas Lights: Icicle Liteset Value Pack 300ct white/clear

The Icicle Liteset Value Pack contains 300 white/clear lights - perfect for holiday decorations!

Only $23.95

Sweet Banana Pepper .5oz

The sweet banana pepper seeds will grow into a high yield plant producing up to 6" long banana shaped peppers. The peppers will change colors from green, to yellow, to orange, to red as they mature. These peppers can be consumed during any stage of maturity,...

Only $4.50

Big Autumn Pumpkin .5oz

Big Autumn pumpkins are a hybrid pumpkin that will grow to a good size for Halloween decorating and making pumpkin pies. Pumpkins will turn a bright orange early on and continue growing to a nice symetrical size. Plants will produce up to 16lb fruits...

Only $7.10

Vates Collards 4oz.

Vates Collards are an easy to grow vegetable whose leaves have a mild flavor. High in vitamin A,B1,B2,and C. Good variety for freezing and canning.

Only $2.80

Jack B Little Pumpkin Seeds .5oz

These Tiny little pumpkins are only about 3" across and 2" high. Each plant will yield between 6-8 pumpkins. These pumpkins are mainly used for decorating.

Only $5.10

Royal Burgundy Beans-1lb.

A colorful addition to your vegetable garden. These delicious beans feature a glossy purple pod that will turn a dark green. Pods are round and stringless and reach approx 6" long. Ideal for canning,freezing, or eating fresh.

Only $4.20

Old Fashioned Mustard Seeds .5oz

Old Fashioned Mustard is the traditional mustard seed of the south. The plant is bright green mustard leaves and extremely quick growing. Perfect for putting in salads, or steamed and sauteed. Matures in 48 days. Harvest promptly and often as the plant...

Only $1.64

Premier Kale Seeds .5oz

This early variety of kale produces tasty green leaves that are smooth with scalloped edges. Kale is high in antioxidants and beta carotene. Great for use in salads or on sandwiches. This variety stands 3-4 weeks longer than most other varieties. Also...

Only $1.85

Birdhouse Gourd Seeds .5oz

Birdhouse gourd seeds have often been hollowed out and used as birdhouses. Their hard shells are dried, painted and decorated in a variety of ways. Will grow to approx. 12-18" in size.

Only $2.40

Mixed Large & Small Gourd Seeds-.5 oz

Grow a mixture of gourds in all shapes and sizes with this collection of mixed gourd seeds. Included in the collection are gourds both large and small as well as smooth and warted. Expect a full spectrum of colors with gourds that are white, cream,tan,yellow,orange,...

Only $2.46

Honey 'N Pearl Corn Seeds-1 lb.

These early maturing bi-color ears of corn can reach up to 9" long! One of the most delicious Super Sweets available. 16 to 18 rows of yellow and white kernals. Tight husked ears are less susceptible to corn ear-worm, rust, and wilt. Super Sweet corn...

Only $24.76

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