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Trichogramma Mail-Back, pack of 5

This is for the redemption codes only. When you receive your package go to Orcon Organics Control website to redeem your codes and order your live bugs/insects. Trichogramma is an effective destroyer of caterpillars (which are leaf eaters in the larvae stage) and moth eggs. Some of the moth eggs attacked by the Trichogramma are: bollworms, tobacco budworm, codling moth, corn earworm, alfalfa caterpillar, gypsy moth, cutworm and tomato hornworms. Trichogramma are tiny parasites that lay their eggs inside the caterpillar or moth eggs. They hatch and feed on the pest eggs, killing them. Then they emerge as adults to continue the cycle. Each container includes 4,000 eggs. USE: The tiny Trichogramma (tri-cho-gram'-ma) are the best known of all egg parasites. These tiny egg parasites will be sent to you packaged 4,000 eggs glued on a card. They attack over 200 species of pest insects and have been successfully used against most moth and butterfly eggs as well as most caterpillars in all kinds of habitats throughout the world. LIFE CYCLE: The Trichogramma lays its eggs inside the eggs of lepidopterous pests (its host). One to fifty eggs will be deposited, depending on the size of the egg to be parasitized. When the Trichogramma eggs hatch into larvae inside the pest egg, they immediately feed upon the immature pests killing them before they are able to hatch. The Trichogramma completes its development inside the pest egg and emerges as an adult. Then the cycle begins again. (See diagram) DIRECTIONS: These tiny egg parasites will be sent to you packaged one card-square to a cup. Each card-square has a colony of approximately 4,000 moth eggs glued onto it. Inside these moth eggs, the Trichogramma will be developing and feeding on the moth egg. Uncap the container and place in the fork of the tree, or carefully remove the square and hang on a branch with a string or tape to keep away from ants. Attach the tape to the smooth side of the square, try not to touch the side with t

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