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Wild Mushroom Statues

Owned and operated right here in America for over 100 years, Orlandi Statuary prides itself on creating beautiful and authentic fiber stone statues for the garden, religious statuary, fountains, columns and pedestals. The mushroom is a master of growth...

Only $44.99

DIY Shiitake Mushroom Log

Grow Your Own Gourmet Shiitake Mushrooms Enjoy the distinctive flavor and texture of fresh-picked shiitake mushrooms. This mushroom-growing kit lets you grow delicious and healthful shiitake mushrooms at home. The hand-cut hardwood log arrives pre-inoculated...

Only $37.95

Mushroom Topiary Frames

NEW & Exclusive / Create Living Art with Our Sculptural Mushroom Topiary Frames The perfect start to elegant topiaries Ideal for containers or in-ground use Mushroom-shaped frames in two sizes Intriguing wire frames make it fast and easy to transform...

Only $29.95

Light Up Fisherman Garden Gnome

Light Up Fisherman Garden Gnome Zingz & Thingz 57071176 He's an angler, he's a gnome, and he's a pure delight to have in your yard or garden. This happy little gnome is sitting upon his shoreline mushroom stool and has just hooked a fish! The backside...

Only $32.99

Growers Secret Professional - Organic Plant Growth Enhancer

Grower's Secret Professional (GSP) is a highly concentrated organic plant growth enhancer made with patented mushroom technology. Use in combination with plant nutrients to increase the uptake of nutrients and water, enhance root and plant growth and...

Only $49.99

Gone Fishing Garden Gnome Statue, Design Toscano

Gone Fishing Garden Gnome Statue Our Garden Fisherman Gnome Statue states that fishing is easy - it's the catching that s difficult! Seated on a mystical mushroom with his line stretched skyward, this garden elf statue is ready to become the centerpiece...

Only $50.90

MyCO2 Mushroom Bag - Grow

MyCO2 – Mycelium Derived Carbon Dioxide are CO2 bags perfected. Unlike all the other CO2 bags that come cultivating CO2 even before you get out of the checkout line, MyCO2 has the patent pending customer activation technology, postponing the...

Only $34.95

MyCO2 Mushroom Bag - Bloom

MyCO2 – Mycelium Derived Carbon Dioxide are CO2 bags perfected. Unlike all the other CO2 bags that come cultivating CO2 even before you get out of the checkout line, MyCO2 has the patent pending customer activation technology, postponing...

Only $34.95

Green Air Products - CO2 Digital Sequencer & Sensor - CDMC-6

These Green Air Products systems are a breakthrough in CO2 detection and control. The CDM-6000 monitor employs a passive infrared sensor and incorporates a photosensor to defeat CO2 during dark periods (Night). These sensors sample the air once every...

Only $859.95

Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower

It's a Garden, it's a composter - It's the Garden Tower!  The unique self-contained vertical garden allows anyone to turn their waste kitchen scraps into an abundant organic veggie harvest.

Only $269.00

Asian Garden Seat

Asian Garden Seat This Asian Garden Seat is not only a unique accent but provides an instant place to sit and rest while admiring the garden. Measures: 15.5" in diameter x 19" tall Weighs: 40 pounds Decorative and Useful!

Only $224.99

3-in-1 Garden Spray --32 oz RTU

Provides three garden solutions in one: fungicide, insecticide, miticide. Its formulation kills garden insects and mites and controls fungal diseases. Contains patented formula to help reduce injury to most plants. Registered in all states.

Only $11.39

Dancing Buddha Garden Statue

Dancing Buddha Garden Statue The Dancing Buddha Garden Statue is the perfect choice for your home or garden. His happy expression and jovial personality, makes this garden statue one of a kind. Add this wonderful piece as a fun garden accent, or use it...

Only $124.99

Tea Garden Statue

Tea Garden Statue The pair to the Coffee Garden Statue, Tea Garden Statue is the female in this adorable set. Complete with a set of pearls and tea cup in hand, the Tea Garden Statue will be a favorite of your garden. A cute frog sitting with her feet...

Only $54.99

Fairfield Garden Hose Bin

Fairfield Garden Hose Bin The Fairfield Collection of products has been expanded to include more outdoor decor solutions. The new Fairfield Garden Hose Bin is a perfect place to store garden hoses up to 100 ft in length. A pre-molded hole is located on...

Only $104.99

Bigfoot the Garden Yeti

Bigfoot statue has monster appeal! Ever wonder where those strange noises in your garden come from? With alleged Bigfoot sightings the world over, from the Himalayas to the Americas, this elusive, mythical legend has been captured for Toscano in a quality...

Only $117.90

U-Garden Watering System

Install this watering system prior to filling your U-Garden with planting mix and you'll need to water your plants less often. In our test gardens we watered 60% less often, compared to a U-Garden without the watering system. The 5-gallon reservoir helps...

Only $44.95

Garden Terrace Arabesque Spa Planter

Garden Terrace Arabesque Spa PlanterOne of the most beautiful planters you will ever see, the Garden Terrace Arabesque Spa Planter is the center piece you have been looking for. Part of the Campania International Arabesque line, the Garden Terrace Arabesque...

Only $109.99

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