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BirdCam 2.0 w/ Flash *DISCONTINUED*

Rediscover Your Backyard!The whole family will love discovering backyard nature with the help of the Audubon Bird Camera. This innovative Audubon bird camera takes crystal-clear photos and videos of your backyard birds while you're away. You'll be amazed...

Only $219.95

Edwardian Bird Feeder

Elegant, Squirrel-Resistant Feeder Lets Small Birds Dine in Peace Reminiscent of an antique birdcage, this elegant feeder is filled with smart features that make it as practical as it is beautiful. The outer cage excludes squirrels and larger birds, letting...

Only $44.95

Hurricane Lantern Bird Feeder

Hurricane Lantern Feeder Beckons Birds Like a welcoming beacon on a stormy night, this vintage-inspired feeder is a bright spot in your landscape for hungry birds. It's designed for seasons of functional beauty, made from durable metal and plastic and...

Only $34.95

White Barn Wood Bird House

Rustic White Bird House is Made from Genuine Barn Board Handcrafted from materials reclaimed from old barns, this bird house reflects the legacy of our farming heritage. The rustic shape is enhanced by the naturally weathered wood and metal that make...

Only $79.95

Squirrel Defeater

Ingenious Bird Feeder Shuts Out Squirrels So simple, effective and humane! Birds can eat to their hearts' content, but a squirrel's body weight shuts the 3 chew-proof seed ports. Set each individual spring-loaded port to a different weight sensitivity...

Only $44.95

May Day Tree

Also Known as European Bird CherryThe May Day Tree, Prunus padus 'European Bird Cherry', is one of the first trees to leaf out in spring. European Bird Cherry is generally described as a perennial tree or shrub and has dark-green summer foliage that turns...

Only $74.95

Pebble Flower Bird Bath

Pebble Flower Bird Bath This unique bird bath has a stunning surface with a beautifully detailed design. Reminiscent of fine folk art, it will become a much-loved garden accent that will add a peaceful oasis to attract songbirds. It's constructed using...

Only $154.95

Bird's Nest Spruce

Easy to Grow Tiny Spruce with Unique ShapeThe Bird’s Nest Spruce is a dwarf evergreen. This plant would work well in a low-maintenance garden, or make a good foundation plant along your house or side building.It would also do well as a distinctive...

Only $0.00

Colorful Ceramic Bird Bath

Sized small to fit anywhere, this bright and festive two-piece bird bath is handmade by artisans using traditional kiln fired techniques. This functional garden art adds a punch of cheerful color to any backyard while giving neighborhood birds a perfect...

Only $104.95

Song Bird Obelisk, Kay Berry

Song Bird Obelisk Product Features Weight: 35 lbs. Dimensions: 6 x 5 x 24 Kay Berry products are made of cast stone in Saxonburg PA. They are made to be weatherproof & guaranteed to last a lifetime. All of the decorative stones have a hanger cast...

Only $61.60

Smooth Sumac

Brilliant Fruit is Winter Bird FoodThe Smooth Sumac, Rhus glabra, is a shade-intolerant pioneer on heavily disturbed sites. It is particularly common along road and railroad rights-of-way.It matures to 10'-15' high and reproduces clonally via root...

Only $59.45

EZ-Clone EZ-Coco Seed Starters

EZ-Clone is proud to introduce the first eco-friendly, transplantable aeroponic seed starters perfect for the green gardener! This new product allows the grower to turn their cloning system into a seed germinating machine. Comprised of virgin coco fibers...

Only $15.75

Summer Sun Sunflower Heliopsis

The Heliopsis 'Summer Sun Sunflower', Heliopsis helianthiodes, is a great combination of large, orange-yellow flowers with dark green foliage.Blooming from July till frost, this Heliopsis grows to 4’ tall with a plant spread of 18-24”. This...

Only $0.00

Nemesia Blue Bird

The Nemesia Blue Bird, 'Nemesia fruticans hybrids', was bred in Germany and England. These sweet scented blooms fill the air with their fragrant aroma when the sun hits the flowers. Proven Winners introduces Blue Bird, with it's blue flowers, to join...

Only $0.00

Seed Packet Plant Markers, Set of 3

NEW / Seed Packet Markers for Your Vegetable Garden No guessing what you planted where Simply insert seed packet into the frame Planting and care information is always handy Set of 3 These markers allow you to display colorful and informative...

Only $12.95

Monarch Butterfly Seed Balls

Create a Monarch Butterfly Garden with this Gift Set of Milkweed Seed Balls Support the declining monarch butterfly population by planting beneficial habitat that includes the milkweed plants their larvae need to survive. Simply toss these seed balls...

Only $24.95

Hydrofarm Seed Sower

Multiple openings evenly distribute seeds for easy sowing. Ideal for soil or starter plugs. Accommodates 5 seed sizes.

Only $2.95

Organic GrowEase Seed Starting Success Kit

Grow Your Best Seedlings with our Complete Seed Starting Kit -- Now Organic! This complete seed starter kit includes two 24-cell GrowEase Seed Starters, 6 quarts of Organic Seed Starting Mix and 24 wooden seedling markers. Just add seeds! You'll be amazed...

Only $45.95

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