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Outdoor Nature Cameras: BirdCam Mounting Arm

The BirdCam mounting arm gives you more options for setting up your BirdCam. Easily attaches to your bird feeder pole at multiple angles to provide a variety of unique and interesting shots. Requires no tools for set up and has a unique elbow joint to...

Only $29.95

Composting 50-Plant Garden Tower

It's a Garden, it's a composter - It's the Garden Tower! The unique self-contained vertical garden allows anyone to turn their waste kitchen scraps into an abundant organic veggie harvest.

Only $269.00

Grow Light: Jump Start 4ft Fluorescent Light Stand

This garden light stand is great for growing seedlings, cuttings, flowers and houseplants. This perfect one touch height adjustable system includes a 4 ft long fixture with a cooler operating T5 full daylight spectrum bulb. These bulbs are 2 times more...

Only $59.95

Cold Frame: Juwel Cold Frame Opener

The cold frame automatic opener works with the Juwel 1000 Basic Unit and the Juwel 1000 Extension Unit. The cold frame automatic opener has a cylinder filled with a fluid that will expand and contact with changes in temperature. The internal fluid is...

Only $55.00

Northern Red Oak (Gift Box)

Quercus rubra - A fast growth tree that grows up to 90 feet tall. Nice spreading branches and bristle-tipped leaves that turns a rich red in the fall. Can grow up to 2 feet a year and has a spread of up to 45 feet. Zones 5-9 Now you can send a tree...

Only $39.00

Colorado Blue Spruce (Gift Box)

The Colorado Blue Spruce has distinctive blue-gray needles and can grow up to 10?? a year. Makes a great accent tree in any landscape. Zone 2-8 Now you can send a tree year-round to anywhere in the U.S.! New Growth Tree Gift Boxes is shipped in a...

Only $39.00

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